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70                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

her mind. The tears, which I with difficulty re-
strained in her presence, gushed from me as soon
as I had quitted the room. She told me she
should like to see me again soon. Poor thing!
her kindness and sorrowful manner made me
more interested and enthusiastic about her than

The Convocation of the Etats Gen6raux, by
Necker's advice, took place on the 27th of last
month and on the 4th of this. They had their
stance, at which the King, Queen and all the royal
family attended in great state, in the Salle des
Menus Plaisirs du Roi.1 It was by all accounts
a very fine exhibition, but I was not tempted to
go, although Madame de Beauveau offered to take
me, for you know I hate sights and detest
enduring fatigue unless for some useful purpose.
However, I find she did not go herself. They
say Necker made a fine speech, but not a satis-
factory one, as he affirmed that the deficit amounted
to fifty-six millions. He assured his hearers that
nobody but himself was capable of saving the

i The Salle des Menus Plaisirs is one of the apartments
in the building of that name, in the Fauxbourg Poissonniere.
The buildings of the Menus Plaisirs are used as a dep6t
for furniture, &c. It has been employed for balls, concerts,
&c., since the time of Louis XIV.